Signs your elderly parent needs help at home

Signs your elderly parent needs help at home

It is perfectly normal for your aged parents to require extra assistance at home. There are health complications that can come up as people grow older. It is therefore vital that you do all you can to minimize the health issues and help your aged loved ones enjoy a good life for the rest of their time on earth.

It can be difficult however to determine when exactly to provide in-home care for them. And even if your parents don’t need extra care yet, it is a good idea to know the signs to look out for, so that you can tell when the time is right.

The following 7 signs can help you determine when it is right to get your elderly parents in home care.

  1. Cognitive impairment

When you notice that your loved one is having difficulties in his or her ability to perform simple tasks, then you should know that the time is right to have a caregiver in the home. If your parents suddenly begin to forget things like where the keys are, how to work simple appliances and when to take their medications, these are signs of cognitive impairment.

Other signs of cognitive impairment are difficulty in keeping track of time, uncertainty and confusion when faced with familiar tasks, missing important functions and assignments, difficulty in walking, balancing and mobility.

All of the above are signs that you should provide your aging parent with the in-house care and support. They need professional care to remind them of their medication and help complete daily tasks

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  1. Physical changes

The need for home care for your elderly parent can be rather apparent when they show obvious physical symptoms. Tremors in the hands and body are clear signs that your aged parents might be having problems with their coordination.

Other symptoms can include involuntary bladder and bowel movement, body pains and strange injury or bruises on their body. Change in sleeping pattern, difficulty in waking, restlessness, loss of appetite and problem with daily routine are other obvious signs that professional home help is needed.

A rather obvious sign is when your elderly loved one suffers a fall or a stroke. It is important however, that you pay close attention and look out for cognitive impairment and other physical signs so that it doesn’t escalate to the point where they suffer injury from a fall or suffer a stroke.

  1. Emotional signs

“People are at a higher risk of suffering emotional and mental complications as they grow older” says  Gifted Healthcare Nurse Job Placement company. Some of the signs of these complications are similar to symptoms of Alzheimer’s and or other forms of Dementia.

One clear sign to look for is whether they still participate in their favorite activities or hang out with the same company that they used to. Another pointer is irrational fear and constant complaining. When your aged parents begin to worry about things that make no sense, then you need to start considering getting professional home care for them.

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  1. Personal hygiene

Personal hygiene becomes less of a priority when your aged parents have problems with moving from place to place. Unexplained pains and fatigue can stop them from keeping up with the laundry. The fear of falling can also prevent them from having their bath or taking care of their body. If you notice these signs in your elderly loved ones, it can be a sign that they need help around the house.

Because of problems with urinary tract infections (UTI) and poor hygiene, a distinct smell hanging in their room or around their person will help you realize the importance of the situation.

You can also tell when they need help if you notice that they no longer care for their personal appearance as they used to. When you notice your aged loved ones wearing the wrong combination of clothes, or dressing disheveled, then you should know it is time to start looking for home care.

  1. Unkempt environment

When you notice that your aged loved ones no longer keep their home and surroundings clean, it might be a sign that they need help. Unwashed dishes and laundry, dirty and cluttered home, unkempt premises, food left to go bad and not thrown away, little or no fresh food in the home, lack of maintenance in the house and a general lowering of the standard of hygiene in the home are some of the signs that would tell you that you need to get home care for your elderly parents.

  1. Stack of unpaid bills

Problem with finances and paying of bills is one of the signs that would tell you your parents need professional home care. If bills are left unpaid and utilities payment not made, then you need someone to take care of these details so that it wouldn’t lead to legal consequences.

  1. Poor judgment

When you notice that your elderly loved one is constantly making some poor judgments, this can be a sign that help is needed. If your aged parents are falling for scams, giving out money and properties unnecessarily, falling prey to treasure hunters, magic remedies and dubious schemes and you know that it is not in their nature to do so, then you obviously need to provide professional help and constant supervision for them.

If all or some of these signs are noticed, it could be as a result of a number of things however, if your loved one is up to 65 years old and above, it is advisable to engage the services of a qualified caregiver to help manage their affairs and take care of their medications if you don’t have the time to do so yourself.

These signs are red flags that constant care and professional help is needed fast. The health and happiness of your aged loved ones should not be compromised. If you don’t have the time on your hands to provide the needed care and you don’t want to put them in an assisted living community, then it is important that you find the right care provider for your unique situation.